It doesn't matter if you are an entrepreneur, an artist, a parent or corporate personnel.

You need some rhythm of a plan to organise and prioritize your daily tasks and events.

The rise of the device world has diminished our conventional habit of writing things on to paper, journaling or taking notes. So clearly, the trend is shifting.


Regardless of the times, NUMIC comes with a trend which induces one to write, plan, take note and track the daily ways of life. It is a necessity in the changing world to make an agenda on paper and follow it daily. We have detailed the journal/planner which really makes life much easier and simpler to keep a track of.


Advantages of using a NUMIC planner:


- You are less distracted in taking notes and it is readily available at any point of the day regardless of the location.


- Taking notes helps you narrate your tasks on a personal level which helps in being attentive at every interval.


- Writing surely helps you motivate in a better way since it involves physical activity and keeps you away from the digital aspect.


- Writing helps to be a stress-buster. It contributes to mindfulness and acts as therapy more than a task.


How to use your planner?


Step 1: Evaluate your daily needs and simply make notes.


Step 2: Decide on how much time you spend on writing each day.


Step 3: Develop a system of how to track, measure your progress while you write.


Step 4: Import all your information from your phone and start journaling them one after another.


Step 5: Take a One Month Challenge of using the planner daily and record the difference.



NUMIC planner sets the conventional way of writing/journaling in a modern and contemporary way to induce you to organize, plan and process your day in a much easier and better way. 



Looking forward to all you NUMIC-ERS!

Planner - Undated

    • 192 pages - Planner Printed 
    • 4 Sticker Pages
    • 1 Extra A5 Slim Book for your Scribbling 
    • 2 Book Marks

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