NotePad WSJ 3.4 is a new initiative from NUMIC call We-Care were we will start showcasing our products which are more & more towards caring about the environment.


We have 2 product in this collection as follows,


  1. Handmade Paper - 100gsm - 60sht/120pages - MADE IN INDIA (Handmade) - Plain - A6
  2. Eco-Friendly Paper - 120gsm - 60sht/120pages - MADE IN EUROPE (Machine made) - Plain - A6


It Comes with a Nature-Inspired Surface Design, which is the dyed-through paper used on the cover and on the Inside it has a plain paper to write, scribble, jot, sketch, or draw. Its an Idea piece for your desk or carrying it for a meeting. It can also be used for gifting to your customers, friends or loved ones. A collection for all stationery lovers to add on & everyone who cares for the environment.


Let's do our bit for the environment. Let's do for our future generation.


We Care